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Living Room

Dark moments with so much laughter

Bitter smiles but true glory

We try to move the boulder from our home

Inching it towards the door

You have never been very strong

And I am getting weaker with age

But we still push the boulder

It squeaks across the floor

It is time to shed some light on what is underneath

We don’t have an elephant

In the living room

But we do have a boulder

And we’ll nudge it ever harder

Until it’s finally outside

Dark moments with so much tension

But still we feast on the spicy dishes

Come home to the wine and just dream

About a future that we’re fighting for

I don’t care if you and I are white

Brought up in a world that treats us true and right

Still moments are difficult and we need empathy sometimes

Even as our life succeeds through the big pictures

Small moments require a leaning side

Listen while I cease to smile

This moment in this living room

Where we’ve lived and sung

Where we’ve danced and cried

Where your friends have painted

Where we’ve brought in light

Where we’ve hit the floor

Where blood has dropped

When the door was left open

And we slept through it

Where the dogs play

Where they howl when we’re home

We can move this boulder

And continue on

Are we moving on?

Are we dropping out?

Is this moment over?

Are we quitting now?

You know you’re my sister

And I understand

But this giant boulder

Will emerge again

Is it time for abandon

Until it shows up

In another


Should we just give up?

And start again

walking up old stones in Japan.

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