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Soul and Kindle

Stay in the woods for me

You shouldn’t be on the road

You should look up at the stars

And believe in what they tell

You will forgive them

Like no one I know would

Slip away into a smile and get lost in the trees

Never look back at what they’ve done

If I were the woods

I would try to keep you

I know what good it would do

Letting you soak in the silence

Closer to Truth

Pearl of the sky

Feast on the roots

A lesson on how to remain


Your spirit does not have smudges and marks

Bruised or matted, Your spirit moves

A quiet storm

Lighting up lives and sending them out of the gloom

So wash it away

With soap and kindle

Light that fire

Deep within

and small sins

That fill you right up

to the brim

Will let you go too

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1 Comment

I love Soul and beautiful!

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